Solid Surfaces


Franke non-porous surface is composed of a mixture of natural minerals and acrylic resins. With thickness 12mm, it easily accommodate modern application templates of architecture and design, with no visible seams and joints. Unaffected by UV radiation, thus maintaining unchanged the color and finish of for many years. Furthermore easily cleaned, has antibacterial protection and is resistant to wear.


Available only in Onyx Black / F22 -221, Ultramarine / FSS – 202, Cement Grey / FSS -126, Latte / FSS-103, Crystal White / FSS – 925, Sanded Grey /FSS-331, Midnight Black / FSS-326, Sanded Basalt / FSS-332, Smoked Mosaic / FSS-525, Wheat Mosaic / FSS -523, Fossil Opal / FSS – 420, Fossil Savanah / FSS-425
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