This extensive product range of the versatile Subway 2.0 collection offers a wide variety of bathroom design possibilities, even enabling smaller rooms to be utilised effectively. The collection includes a broad range of basins that enable all individual needs to be fulfilled. Their minimalist and well thought-out design has been achieved with functionality in mind. Details such as deep sinks or broad shelves provide a high degree of convenience.



7113F2, 717580, 711355, 711355, 711361, 71136G, 731545, 73155G, 73155G, 71751G, 41156L, 731946, 7176D0, 7113F5, 7315F0, 7176D2, 7175A1, 7113FA, 7113KG, 731550, 711365, 71758G


560010, 5614R0, 5617R0, 5614R2, 5606R0, 5614R4, 560610, 4609R0, 5614A1, 5602R0, 5614R5

Toilet seats

9M68Q1, 9M69S1, 9M78S1, 9M68S1, 8M34S1, 9M86S1, 9M7461, 9M69Q1


540100, 540000, 540600

Bathroom furniture

A69000, A69600, A90910, A68710, A90700, A90800, A91710, A91510, A81700, A68810, A69100, A69200, A69700, A81801, A81900, A91010, A68510

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